【QANBA“Q3”Series】Xbox360™/PCJoystick & PS3™/PCJoystick
Designed for Professional players, enthusiastand players who want to improve the enjoyment of playing fightinggames, uses Sanwa Denshi buttons & joysticks.

Featuredfully handmade wooden casing weighting 5KG to ensure greatest handand palm feels as well as super stable joystick movements, and top itwith a velvet bottom for anti-slipping lap actions. Qanba Q3 360 /PS3 supports speaker headphone jack(single jack) we have even provideda High Quality Headphone speaker for player to enjoy the bestpossible communicating scenario. Qanba Q3 360 /PS3 also features a 2.5M long connection cable that can be stored inside the cable box within the joystick itself.

All Qanba joysticks are easily customizable from the face panel to the insideof the joystick, which gives easy access for replacing parts orswapping to Semitsu buttons or Joystick. Every Q3 comes with twoblack button covers which is use for cover the two buttons holesshould the player decided to take out two buttons from the joystick.


Joystick:Original Sanwa Denshi JLF-TP-8Y-SK

Buttons:Original Sanwa Denshi OBSF-30

Switches &Buttons: Back, Xbox360™, Start, Turbo, 8 function buttons
                                       Select, PS, Start, Turbo,Mode 8 function buttons

CasingColor: Piano Black

Face Plate:Red and White

Package Size:430*310*150mm

Product Size: 380*240*60mm

Weight:Approx 5kg

Turbo: Turbo mode is available for the main 8 buttons

Cable Box:For storing the connection cable within thejoystick.

Compatibilities: Compatible with all Xbox360™and PC, 0 delays.
                               Compatible with all PS3™and PC, 0 delays.

Joystick Interior: Easy to changedesign, all buttons and joystick uses plug and pull design (notsoldered to the cables), provide easy swapping action for DIY users.

Product Video on QanBa Q3-XS xbox/PC Sanwa Arcade fightstick from metagamers