Qanba Guardian Fightstick Carrier Bag - Joystick models up to 19 inches (25 x 15 x 8 inches)

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Qanba Guardian Fightstick Carrier Bag

Tournament savvy fighting game players are always on the go, bringing their Fightstick in tow.  Qanba's Guardian Fightstick Carrier Bag stores much more than the typical backpack.
Durable Material, Reinforced Protection

Qanba Guardian contains a strong polyester fabric blend, weaved into a tight pattern that protects your Fightstick, laptop or any other high-value item. 

Reinforced bottom protection keeps the puddles out, while internal padding secures your Fightstick snugly.  Back bumpers and shoulder straps make carrying the Qanba Guardian extremely comfortable.
One Size Fits All

Qanba Guardian Fightstick Carrier Bag, at nearly 13 inches long , 7 inches wide with stretchable pockets, and 20 inches high, the Guardian's size is designed to accomodate most of the popular Fightsticks on the market.  Additional features include:

    Water bottle holder on each side of the carrier
    Five zippered pockets, with double zippers on most pockets
    Two stretch pockets to hold bulkier items


    Fits most modern joystick models up to 19 inches
    Hemp-style durable fabric
    Dual snap-buckles for easy access
    Triple auxiliary zipper pockets
    Dual water bottle stretch pockets
    25 x 15 x 8 inches
    Extra pockets
    Double zippers

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