Qanba Q2-PRO Battle of Wits Sanwa Arcade Stick PS3 PC

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Product Description

Qanba Q2-PRO PS3/PC Battle of Wits Sanwa Arcade Stick

****An original PS4 game controller is required to use Qanba Q2 Pro Battle of Wits on PS4 console. 

Tips on working PS4 console with Qanba Pro Battle of Wits Sanwa fightstick


·    Enter PS4 Games by connecting the original PS4 Controller

·    After entered the PS4 game, player can connect Qanba Q2 Pro Battle of Wits's USB to PS4 console.

·    The Qanba Q2 Pro battle can now be used in PS4 console.

·    Player cannot use PS Button and Share Button with Qanba Q2 Pro Battle of Wits fightstick during this connection mode with PS4 console, other buttons can be functioned normally.

·     The original PS4 controller must be maintained to work status. Player cannot close the Original PS4 controller after connecting the Qanba Q2 Pro Battle of Wits fightstick.

·     One original PS45 controller will match One Qanba Q2 Pro Battle of Wits fightstick.



A new line of joysticks that will allow players to play either left handed or right handed with a flick of a switch. With a flick of a switch, the stick can but turned around and used from the opposite direction, allowing left-handed players a more comfortable solution to playing on a stick. While the design calls for a straight button layout to work properly, it’s a nice, thoughtful reworking that should help left-handed players acclimate a little faster to playing on an arcade stick.


Qanba "Q2-PRO battle of wits" series the PS3/PC platform arcade joystick


Supports firmware upgrade


USB HUB function special PS3/PC left and right handedness switch hidden handle



Original Sanwa (JLF-TP-8YT-SK) joystick


Original Sanwa (OBSF-30) buttons

Button layouts:

Select button, Home button, START button, MODE key, TURBO keys and 8 function keys (left and right vertical )



ABS Case


Mirror acrylic panel


432*278*65mm(Case)/125mm(Height with joystick)

Package size:



Four non-slip pads


Package 5.4KG,Fightstick weight 3.2KG

Cable :