Qanba Q1 cut PS3 PC Sanwa GOTVG arcade fightstick fight stick

Model: 6955932301081

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Product Description

Qanba Q1 Cut PS3 PC arcade fightstick fight stick (PS4 Partially Compatible)


- Develop by the Qanba independent R&D team


- Build-in QANBA latest motherboard


- Vewlix Button Layout


Unique Mounting Mechanism


- Can be mount on any desktop edge less then 45mm in thickness


- Removable and adjustable mount


Compatible with PS3 and PC


Support TURBO Function


ABS Framework




- All Internal wiring come with quick disconnect for future upgrade




Button: SANWA OBSF-30-W Button


Joystick: SANWA JLF-TP-8YT Joystick


System Buttons: Select Button, Home Button, Start Button, Mode Button, Turbo Button


Game Buttons: 8 SANWA Vewlix Layouts


USB Cable Length: 2m


Weight-bearing of Fixture: 36kg