QanBa Q4 RAF Black LED PS3 PC Sanwa Denshi Fightstick

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Product Description

QanBa Q4 RAF Black LED PS3 PC Sanwa Denshi Fightstick



Product Parameters

QanBa Q4 PS3 PC Arcade Joystick Original Sanwa


Original Sanwa Joystick(JLF-TP-8YT-SK)


Original Sanwa Buttons (OBSF-30-W) LED illumination

Button map:

SELECTPSSTARTMODETURBO 8 funcation buttons (Vewlix type order)

Frame Body:

black ABS box body

 Fixed mode:

6 non-slip pad



Package size:

45.5cm x 42.5cm x 33.5cm



Product features

1.Beautiful ABS box body, more comfortable while playing game

2.Storage compartment for efficient cable management

3.Integrated headset port for use with  PS  NETWORK

4.Turbo button can use on STG Games FTG Games

5.Mode button use on some PC Emu Games set

6.Compatible with PS3 PC thick/thin machines, desktop computers, notebook. At PS3 mode Windows2000/XP/VISTA/7 system will automatically recognize the joystick;WindowsVISTA/7 system will automatically recognize the joystick, Windows2000/XP must setup microsoft joypad dirver

7.Have a black handle on the top of body case, you can move it easier

8.Internal entire post thrust line design,you can upgrade components by yourself


Support games


FTGMarvel Vs Capcom 3Arcana Heart 3Super Street Fighter 4Virtua Fighter 5Tekken 6BlazBlue CS
Death Smiles 2XRaiden 4


Street Fighter 4Guilty Gear XX#RMelty Blood Act Cadenza

Qanba Q4 RAF Layout and Function Details

Xbox Button Layout:
X  Y  RB  LB
A  B  RT  LT

PS3 Button Layout:
[]  ^  R1  L1
X  O  L2  L2

Note for PS3 Users: The LED will flash when the Qanba Q4 RAF is first plugged into the system. While the LED is flashing, press the Home button to register the joystick to the first available controller slot.