QanBa Q2-PRO LED arcade stick Special Addition PS3 PC

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Product Description

QanBa Q2-PRO LED PS3 PC arcade stick Special Addition


****An original PS4 game controller is required to use QanBa Q2-PRO LED fightstick on PS4 console. 

Tips on working PS4 console with QanBa Q2-PRO LED fightstick



·    Enter PS4 Games by connecting the original PS4 Controller

·    After entered the PS4 game, player can connect QanBa Q2-PRO LED fightstick’s USB to PS4 console.

·    The QanBa Q2-PRO LED GOTVG.comcan now be used in PS4 console.

·    Player cannot use PS Button and Share Button with QanBa Q2-PRO LED fightstick during this connection mode with PS4 console, other buttons can be functioned normally.

·     The original PS4 controller must be maintained to work status. Player cannot close the Original PS4 controller after connecting the QanBa Q2-PRO LED fightstick.

·     One original PS4 controller will match One QanBa Q2-PRO LED fightstick.